Welcome to Bend N Ear

Welcome to our site. We hope to show you that you can find someone who will listen to you about you.

We do not promise answers to all your troubles but will endeavor to help where we are able to do so. Mostly we are here to just be a sounding board for those that can not find anyone willing to listen to them. We want you to know you are not alone in life and that there might be others out there that have experienced if not the same thing you are enduring then similar experiences.

We hope to gather friends here that will lend that ear for you to bend and to help you find answers. Be they answers to your specific problem or to how to live with not being able to influence the events that have been transpiring around your life.

We know through personal experience that sometimes just having someone who will listen eases the pain and frustration of our situations so that we can continue to move forward in life.